January 23, 2008

Praising God for Speedy Progress!

Managua, Nicaragua - January 2008

Nicaragua Team Coordinator, Kay Moore, and FEI Administrative Assistant, Brynn Otness visited Villa Esperanza.
They bring back enthusiastic reports about the progress of construction and the attitude of the girls who are preparing to make the move, God willing, in early March!

Phase One of construction is nearly complete! The existing home have been turned into a beautiful office, the driveway is in, and the first two children's homes and team homes are nearly ready for the final touches of paint and interior finish.

Now focus is shifting to raising sustaining support for the children. We hope to begin to offer Child Sponsorships soon and will keep you posted about that development!

God is on the move with this project, and we just have to keep up!

Here the guys are preparing some metal for the roof of a Team house (left) and finishing a window on one of the Children's homes.

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